Had a great time learning the nuances of accessibility in docs from Ben Meyers!
Miscellaneous Mondays: Jenn and Laura configure a .zshrc file
Miscellaneous Mondays: Jenn and I talked technical writing in general and docs specifically
Learned from Andy Piper about MicroPython, an implementation of Python designed to run on microcontrollers.
Miscellaneous Mondays with Jenn, chatting about Anki, debugging a Twitter API project.
Was a guest on The Tech Interview Guide, talking about how I accidentally became a technical writer instead of a data scientist, as well as AI ethics, tips for finding a good fit with an employer, ...
Streamed with Ramón as we improved the performance of our first Wasm app. Recording
Streamed the first episode of our new ELI5 series with Oscar Spencer! Recording
Streamed adding interactivity to our first Wasm app with Ramón. Recording
Live-streamed with Ramón as we debugged our first Wasm app. Recording
Streamed with Flaki and Ramón and chatted about Wasm extensibility. Recording
Had a great time livestreaming testing our first Wasm app with Ramón! Recording
Super fun time recording part 3 of our Conway's Game of Life in WebAssembly project with Ramón!
Had a fantastic time continuing this project to build Conway's Game of Life using WebAssembly with Ramón!